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Brand New Baby Sleeping Bags!

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As a small business we pride ourselves on bringing in new items which aren't being created by others, so that we can provide truly unique designs. Therefore, we are super excited to introduce our brand new range of baby sleeping bags! All the prints on these sleeping bags are EXCLUSIVE TO US! They have been designed by us or for us and you will not find them these items anywhere else. 

Each sleeping bag is custom made to order, and the fabric is printed specially for each one, the fabric is fire rated for extra safety and are available in two sizes: 0-6months (68cm length)  and 6-18months (86cm length) They are 2.5 - 3 tog and suitable for all year round, for standard rooms (16 - 20 degrees C).

And if that wasn't exciting enough, we are also able to provide baby blankets with a matching print. Click here to see the blankets

Unfortunately, the initial feedback that we have been receiving on social media have been relatively negative and focusing on the pricing element of the item, rather than the item itself, which offers something not found on the high street or other online retailers. We have found these comments rather disappointing, as when we have done a market comparison against the mainstream competition, the price is representative of the market. On top of this the comparison was on items that to be honest were rather uninspiring for those who would like to be more expensive in life.

On a final note, we are a relatively small (but growing) business that is unable to command large whole sale orders to provide extensive discounting to our customers, but strive to provide our customers with items not found anywhere else and appreciate your efforts in supporting us with this venture.


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