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Bibs for feeding sessions and times of drooling

During the early years, feeding kids can be a bit like a day at the zoo.

With typically more food ending up on the floor, ceiling and walls, than into the mouth of your little alternatot.

Unfortunately there isn't much we can do about stopping mashed banana and spaghetti hoops been deposited around your house.

However, what we can offer is a large selection of the coolest bibs for mopping up the chops of little ones while you try in vein to feed them. This ensures that no matter if you are out dining at a 5* Michelin restaurant, at the cool aunties house for tea or have the grandparents round to witness the feeding frenzy, all observers  be will transfixed on the awesome apparel that your little monster is sporting that the food splattering will go unnoticed*.  

In addition, to offering the most unique range of dining based protection for young ones, Alternatots are aware that meal time is not the only period of the day that the mouth requires periodic cleansing. Therefore, we also offer a number of bandana style bibs that are perfect for wiping away the drool, snot and other mucus based fluids that might unintentionally leak from your prodigies mouth throughout the day. For added value some of these bibs have been paired into sets of two, as its always best to carry a spare in the changing bag.

*Alternatots offer no guarantee that guests or other diners will not notice food flying through the air.