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Alternatots FAQ

Are all your clothes made by Alternatots? Not everything is made by us, we do also stock Six Bunnies and Sourpuss.

 Need your order for a specific day? Please always message us first if you need if for a specific day as it may be possible.

 My child is tall/small for their age what size should I buy? Please email me their measurements if you are unsure of what size or you would like a dress made longer?shorter etc, it is possible to make these adjustments as long as it is a made to order item, it should say on each item if it is.

How long will my order take? All items have an approximate waiting time written in the listing, generally printed items take up to 5 working days and dresses, trousers and hoodies up to 20 working days. The waiting time may vary due to the time of year and please remember Christmas time is always busy so please get your order in as quickly as possible. If you have any concerns about your order or you would like an update please just send an email, we don't tend to email individual customers unless there is a problem.

Special order items will take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Can i request a special fabric? Please send me an email or chat through Facebook if you have any specific requests.