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Can you believe we are already in March?!

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I swear as i get older the time goes quicker, it feels like Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago yet January and February have whipped by! If you follow my Facebook page you will know that i have been quite quiet over the last few weeks as i have been relocating my office to nearer my house (in it to be precise) as now we have a bigger house it seemed silly to be travelling to my workshop when we have now got the space at home and although i will miss it i enjoy having a microwave and a cooker so i can have hot lunches instead! (yes i love food) and i also get the bonus of my cats for company although i will have to work on putting somewhere suitable for them to sleep... also i do a lot of late nights so that means i can work longer without worrying about driving home.


To keep you up to date with Alternatots i have been adding lots of new fabrics and prints and i am trying to stay away from character fabrics and work on establishing my brand with more unique prints that you cannot get anywhere else and get your kids and babies looking cool! I hope you like what you have seen recently and any feedback is always welcome!




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