PLEASE READ! Face masks are currently in high demand and taking 1-3 weeks, clothing and other items 3-4 weeks
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Reusable Washable Face Mask for Adults and Kids

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There have been multiple news articles suggesting that in the current pandemic wearing a mask, even if it is just a fabric one rather than a medical one is actually better than not wearing one at all.

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Brand new print 'Punk Rotter'

baby changing bags brand new exclusive prints kids leggings leggings mohican skulls nappy bags new punk rotter skull leggings

The newest exclusive print to be launched at Alternatots is our mohican skull "Punk Rotter' collection. 

This awesome print is available as an all over print featuring a mohican skull, anarchy sign and the words "Punk Rotter' all over it (this can be found on blankets, nappy bags, leggings and blankets currently) and also a single text print on long sleeved tops, hoodies and t-shirts and dungarees.

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Brand New Baby Sleeping Bags!

baby sleeping bags blankets harry potter mermaid scales new items pricing sleeping bags small business unicorn

Each sleeping bag is custom made to order, and the fabric is printed specially for each one, the fabric is fire rated for extra safety and are available in two sizes: 0-6months (68cm length)  and 6-18months (86cm length) They are 2.5 - 3 tog and suitable for all year round, for standard rooms (16 - 20 degrees C).

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Have you seen our new products?

baby blankets bats blankets ladies clothing shoes skulls sloths

Its been a very exciting month here at Alternatots as we work on bringing you brand new products! We are revamping Alternadolls so you can get all your ladies clothing and brand new homeware items as well. We have placed a few items under a special section dedicated to ladies clothing and also some in homeware but we are currently deciding whether to restart the Alternadolls website, let me know your thoughts and if you want to see more for ladies in future?! We have a section for special edition printed canvas shoes as well which i love! There is...

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Can you believe we are already in March?!

cats cool kids clothes goth kids home office new prints news relocating unique

I swear as i get older the time goes quicker, it feels like Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago yet January and February have whipped by! If you follow my Facebook page you will know that i have been quite quiet over the last few weeks as i have been relocating my office to nearer my house (in it to be precise) as now we have a bigger house it seemed silly to be travelling to my workshop when we have now got the space at home and although i will miss it i enjoy having a microwave...

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