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Five tasty Halloween treat ideas to try out with your little monster over the Autumn half-term

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The autumn half-term is fast approaching, which is by far my favourite week for the children to be off school, as typically it is a week that can be jam packed with Halloween orientated activities. As you may have guessed with the mass majority of the clothing that we like to make here at Alternatots. If we could have it our way (nearly) everyday would be Halloween (I haven't included everyday, as I would like to mix it up with a Christmas here and a birthday there).

Therefore, I thought it might be useful to share a list of five Halloween treat ideas that have caught my eye so that you can spend some of your time with the little darlings, re-decorating the kitchen, if you follow me.  

The list includes a range of ideas produced by others but if you click on the images you should (fingers crossed) be magically transported directly to their recipe pages (opens in a separate window). Not all, but certainly some of the recipes do seem to have enough sugar to ensure your little beastie won't sleep for a week - you have been warned. Personally, time permitting I am thinking of attempting no.4 Melted Witch!

Number 1: Ghost shaped Piñata Biscuits - if you follow my Facebook page then you may have noticed that I finished my 'new' Ghost print vest and t-shirt tops, which earns this recipe the top spot.

Number 2: Candy Apples - I don't know about you, but when I visualise Halloween treats in my head it does conjure up an image of a Toffee apple, sweet and tasty. Unfortunately for me the image is then soured, as mind recalls the soft floury apples, that were used to create it, followed by the sharp sheering pain as you nearly crack the crown of your tooth off on the toffee. Therefore, I think this recipe can help restore my faith in this iconic holiday sweet, simply by utilising a higher quality apple (Pink Lady - for me will do it). 

Number 3: Yummy chocolate orange spider Halloween cupcakes -Super creepy long legged hairy spiders are always a favourite, I cannot wait to snap off one of those chocolate legs, I think I may need to invest in one of those spider web plates as you think we can get a whole dining set?

Number 4: Melted Witch Fruit Dip - As I stated in the above, this is my favourite of the lot. As it is not only relatively low in sugar in sugar content, thus meaning you won't need a broomstick to chase the little demons around post consumption, but also i think the concept is just simply awesome.

 Number 5: monster marshmallow rice pop treats (Halloween style) - My attraction to this recipe is two-fold, first the fact it is based on a simplistic style of treat, which has been time proven to be achievable even with the most mischievous terror tot on the planet as your assistant. Secondly, the fact that this then leaves a blank canvas for you to create the creature or monster of your choosing.

Image: Monster rice crispy treats

I really hope you have enjoyed our neat little list, of hand picked, Halloween treats to try out with (or without - we won't judge you) your half-terms terrors.

If you do get a chance to make some awesome creations, we would love it if you would kindly share your pictures with us, by which ever mode best suits you via the website (comment box below), Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account.

Update 1st of November: Ok, how did everyone get on with the above recipes? i must admit that I unfortunately didn't get round to making any of the above, I suppose their is always next year. I did manage to make some cookies with the kids, which we added an enthusiastic amounts of food dye, two tone of course. However, my little monsters decided that they would then proceed to use the Christmas cutters to shape the cookies. This has started to make me think that they may not have inherited the Halloween gene that has runs strong through my veins.

My suspicions were further raised when they decide to dress up on Halloween as a cat and bunny rabbit, hardly rocking the Alternatots theme for me. Despite the their rather tame choice of costume we did enjoy a most awesome eve.

This was mainly down to a local road to us always goes to great lengths to provide the local children with a most awesomely gruesome night. Last year they transformed their road into the setting of an alien autopsy, complete with operating table and fully body suited government agents. This year the front of the houses were masterfully turned into spooky shop fronts, including a late night funeral parlour and a kooky science laboratory, all truly spectacular.

From all of us here at Alternatots we hope you had most fang-tastic time and to quote the mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas 'We've got to find Jack! There's only 365 days left until the next Halloween'.


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